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ESCRITORA/ESCRITOR: Brereton,Richard Valli,Marc
ISBN: 9788496954786


What design scene is as diverse or cosmopolitan, more rich in influences and references, as packed with new trends and original ideas, as teeming with talent and ambition than the UK? To stand out in this overcrowded arena, British graphic designers have had to make their work ever more clever and polished, better informed. This fuels the distinctive, refined styles of such artists as Mark Farrow, Sea, Spin, Browns, Fuel, James Joyce, Zak, Studio 8 and Bibliotek. With such a wealth of talent and material, the main question in compiling a book on the best of new British design is not what to put in, but what to leave out. Stylistic novelty and visual distinctiveness are our key parameters, rather than background or reputation. RGB features artists from highly diverse backgrounds, at all different stages in their careers, from household names to the newest young talents. RGB captures the UK's explosively vibrant and unpredictable realm of graphic design, in 250 pages packed with exciting visual material. Including projects by: ABC-XYZ Julian Morey, Accept & Proceed, Airside, Anthony Burrill, APFEL, Bark, BCMH, Bibliothèque, Browns, Build, Cartlidge Levene, Craig Ward, David Lane, Design Project, EhQuestionmark, Emily Forgot, Family, Farrow, [email protected], Fuel, Hellovon, I Want Design, Johnson Banks, Julian House (Intro), Kiosk, Made Thought, Matt Dent, Me Company, Multistorey, NB Design, Non-Format, James Joyce (one fine day), Angus Hyland (Pentagram), Proud Creative, RGB Studio, Rick Myers, Saturday, SEA Design, Shaz Madani, Spin, Studio 8, Studio Output, Tim Fraser Brown, Tom Hingston Studio, Tomato, Universal Everything, Village Green Studio, Why not associates, William Hall, Winkreative, Yes.

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