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...ou cenários para balé e fez filmes, incluindo Daddy (1973) ... Niki de Saint Phalle | artnet ... . Em 17 de Novembro de 2000 ela tornou-se cidadã honorária de Hannover, Alemanha, e doou peças da sua obra a dois museus. Niki de Saint Phalle morreu com enfisema em 21 de Maio de 2002, na Califórnia. Niki de Saint Phalle, born as Catherine-Marie-Agnès Fal de Saint Phalle, was a French-American artist. She is known for sculpture gardens 'Tarot Garden' and 'Queen Califia's Magical Circle,' and sculpture series, 'Nanas' and 'Black Heroes.' Niki de Saint Phalle paired bold, jubilant, and cartoonis ... Niki de Saint Phalle | artnet ... .' Niki de Saint Phalle paired bold, jubilant, and cartoonish feminine forms with dark and disturbing material in her multifaceted artistic career. Throughout, she continually disrupted long-held conventions in art, and her iconoclastic approach to her identity and society at large made her an early and important voice to both the Feminist movement and the development of early Conceptual Art . Saiba tudo sobre Niki de Saint Phalle na maior enciclopédia online sobre arte e cultura brasileiras Articles Featuring Niki de Saint Phalle. 20 Trailblazing Artists with Major Museum Shows in 2020. Jan 20th, 2020. Understanding 11 Great Artists through the Instructions They Left Behind. Apr 15th, 2019. These Painters Abandoned Brushes for Sledgehammers, Chainsaws, and Blowtorches . Niki de Saint Phalle en train de viser (1972) Foto: Divulgação/Peter Whitehead / Niki Charitable Art Foundation. PARIS — Catherine Marie-Agnès Fal de Saint Phalle veio ao mundo em 1930, no ... 6/mar/2020 - Explore a pasta "Niki de Saint-Phalle" de jossantabarbara, seguida por 114 pessoas no Pinterest. Veja mais ideias sobre La jolla, Arte em manequim, Arte pela arte. 19/abr/2013 - Explore a pasta "Niki de Saint Phalle" de missjujuchic, seguida por 554 pessoas no Pinterest. Veja mais ideias sobre La jolla, Arte em manequim, Casas malucas. Niki de Saint Phalle Sun God, 1983 Her exaggerated "earth mother" sculptures, the Nanas , playfully explore ancient feminine deities while celebrating modern feminism's efforts to reconsider and revalue the woman's body. A renomada artista francesa Niki de Saint Phalle (1930-2002), teve uma estreita relação com a cidade alemã de Hannover. Foi na capital do Estado da Baixa Saxônia que a artista fez sua primeira grande exposição. Niki de Saint Phalle The Devil 1998 Silk-screen 752 x 562 mm Donation de l'artiste. Collection Mamac, Nice. The Tarot Garden. I was convinced, as if I had received a divine revelation, that I would, too, create an ideal palace in my lifetime. Tirs (Shooting) Picture. In 1961, Niki de Saint Phalle held an exhibition at Galerie J entitled "Fire at Will." On show were several of her Tirs or Shooting Paintings (Tir is the French word for "shooting" or "to fire"), including this one. They were made by fixing polythene bags of paint to a board, and covering them with a thick plaster surface. Catherine de Saint-Phalle, dite Niki de Saint Phalle, née à Neuilly-sur-Seine (département de la Seine) le 29 octobre 1930 et morte à La Jolla (comté de San Diego, Californie, États-Unis) le 21 mai 2002, est une plasticienne, peintre, sculptrice et réalisatrice de films franco-américaine.. Niki de Saint Phalle a d'abord été mannequin, puis mère de famille avant d'aborder l'art en ... Hon - en katedral (in English: She - a Cathedral) is one of the monumental sculptures created by French-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle.It was a temporary indoor sculpture installation for the Moderna Museet of Stockholm created in collaboration with Jean Tinguely and Per Olof Ultvedt in 1966.. The structure was 25m (82feet) long and 9.1m (30 feet) wide, weighing around 6 tonnes. Niki de Saint Phalle died may 22, 2002 at the age of 71 from pneumonia. Her works: A colourful Nana, the motherfigure with the voluptuous body, is the first one thinks of when hearing the name Niki de Saint Phalle. Nana has become a symbol for her oeuvre and it also is close to being an icon of contemporary art. Niki de Saint Phalle - The Firebird and The Death, 1983, installation view at The Stravinsky Fountain, Paris - image via The Beginning of Saint Phalle's Career She painted and experimented with various styles and techniques, and after her first year of studies, she had a promising career ahead of her....